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Wire, Ribbon & Sheet


Most of Sigmund Cohn Corp. metals and alloys are fabricated into wire form, in many cases to as small as .0003" diameter. Frequently round wire is rolled to rectangular cross sections as thin as .0002" with a width-to-thickness ratio of 2:1 to as much as 75:1. Some wire is electroplated with Gold for improved corrosion resistance or with Tin or Lead for improved solderability. In many cases, an insulation is required. An appropriate enamel is applied onto round wire to rigid specifications including enamel thickness, uniformity and temperature rating. Multistrand wire is available, either stranded or braided.


  • Commercial Grade (99.95%) - available in wire, ribbon, sheet and foil

  • Reference Grade (99.99%) - available in wire and ribbon

  • Sheet and foil slit to specifications

  • Ribbon rolled from round wire to minimum .00025" thickness

Platinum Alloys

Sigmund Cohn Corp.'s families of Platinum Group Metals and Alloys are available in the following forms:

  • Palladium (99.95%) - available in wire, ribbon and sheet

  • Platinum/Palladium - available in wire, ribbon and sheet

  • Platinum/Gold/Iridium - available in wire, ribbon and sheet

  • Platinum/Iridium - available in wire; ribbon and sheet are special order

  • Platinum/Rhodium - available in wire; ribbon and sheet are special order

  • Platinum/Ruthenium - available in wire; ribbon and sheet are special order

  • Platinum #479®: Platinum/Tungsten - available in wire and ribbon; sheet is special order

  • Platinum/Molybdenum - available in wire, ribbon and sheet

  • Platinum/Nickel - available in wire and ribbon

  • Platinum #851®: Platinum/Rhodium/Ruthenium - available in wire and ribbon


  • Available in purities of 99.98% or 99.99%

  • Stabilized Bonding Wire in sizes ranging from .0003" diameter to rod stock

  • Sheet and foil slit to specifications

  • Ribbon rolled from round wire to minimum .00025" thickness

Gold Alloys

  • High resistance alloys: L.T.C.® available in wire and ribbon

  • Low resistance alloys: LR 80® available in wire and ribbon

  • Gold/Gallium - available in wire, ribbon and sheet

  • 18 Kt Gold - available in wire, ribbon and sheet

  • 14 Kt Gold - available in wire and ribbon

  • Gold/Antimony - available in wire, ribbon and sheet

  • Gold/Platinum - available in wire and ribbon

Silver & Silver Alloys

  • Silver (99.98%) - available in wire and ribbon

  • Silver (99.99%) - available in wire and ribbon

  • Alloys of Silver and Copper in several low resistances - available in wire and ribbon

Base Metal Alloys

The following base metal alloys are available from Sigmund Cohn Corp. in wire and ribbon:

  • Constantan

  • Nickel/Chromium

  • Aluminum/Silicon

  • Aluminum/Magnesium

  • Nickel/Cobalt/Iron

  • Stainless Steel #302, #304 and #316

  • Phosphor Bronze Grade A

  • Phosphor Bronze Grade C

  • Beryllium Copper #10

  • Beryllium Copper #25

Specialty Wire


To meet the needs of various industries, Sigmund Cohn Corp. has developed specialty wire products. The company's Technical Service Group is available to assist customers with custom created solutions to overcome performance challenges.

Electroplated Wire & Ribbon

  • Gold and Tin/Lead electroplated onto base metal wires

  • Plating thickness controlled by milligrams/square inch or weight percent increase

Enameled Wire

Schenectady Chemical's Isonel 200 ® insulations coatings (Registered trademark of Schenectady International, Inc.)

  • Bondable coatings

  • Solderable coatings

Wollaston Wire

  • Special process wire which consists of Silver clad Pt or Pt/Rh

  • Core wire available in diameters as small as .00025"

Temperature Control Wire


  • Platinum wire

  • Platinum/Rhodium wire

  • NBS 561/IPTS-48

  • ASTM E230-72/IPTS-68

  • ASTM E230-17/ITS-90


  • Platinum/Iridium

  • Platinum/Rhodium wire

Resistance Temperature Detectors

  • Reference Grade Platinum wire

  • Pt 385® resistance wire

Platinum Thermometer Wire

  • Available in various ranges of TCR

  • .003924 ohms/ohm˚C (Reference Grade)

  • .003850 ohms/ohm˚C (Pt 385®)

  • Lead wires

Targets & Slugs


Closer than commercial tolerances and better than commercial purities, our targets and slugs include precious and base metals and alloys.

  • Discs, cyclinders, washers, rectangles and slugs

  • Gold of 99.99% and 99.999% purity

  • Platinum of 99.95%, 99.99% and, in some cases, 99.999% purity is available for deposition and sputtering use

  • Also available: Palladium at 99.95% purity; alloys of Gold and Palladium, including 70% Gold Palladium; 50% Gold Palladium, and 98% Platinum Tungsten

  • Slugs of up to 1/2" in diameter made to custom length and weight specifications, discs of up to 8" in diameter, wire and sheet

  • Machine shop capabilities for heavy discs, discs with enhanced rims, cylindrical forms, washer configurations and tapered configurations; plus milling capabilities for special geometries



Sigmund Cohn Corp. manufactures seamless tubing in a variety of alloys. Catering to the medical, chemical, temperature sensing, glass/fiberglass, crystal growth, jewelry and aerospace industries, Sigmund Cohn Corp. can produce tubing in platinum group metals as well as gold.

Coin Blank Planchets


Sigmund Cohn Corp. manufactures precious metal blanks on behalf of international mints including the U.S. Mint at West Point.

Coin Corp. International

Coin Corp. International (CCI), a member of Sigmund Cohn Corp. (SCC) group of companies, was established in 2011 as the sales and marketing arm for mint coin products. CCI was built upon the strong foundation of Sigmund Cohn Corp.'s more than a century long experience in precious metals fabrication. SCC prides itself as a Company of innovation, providing high quality coin blanks and exceptional service.

Our state-of-the-art coin blanking facility is equipped with modern equipment that is capable of precise, high volume precious metal coin blank production. The key attribute that separates us from our competitors is our focus on exceptional quality, which has been sharpened over 111 years of precious metals manufacturing experience. The implementation of an array of in-house testing methods and metrics allow our manufacturing processes to succeed in maintaining quality within tight tolerances, as well as tracking mechanical and chemical properties in order to detect any trends that may indicate process drifts. Our technical team utilizes the data gathered through testing for opportunities to implement continuous improvement initiatives.

It is our objective to provide our customers, such as Government and private Mints with the finest Platinum, Palladium, Gold and Gold alloy coin blanks on the market. We expect excellence from ourselves and you should expect no less from us.

Please contact the sales team for further information.