We pride ourselves on what we do best


Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing services and product testing are available through the manufacturing facilities of Sigmund Cohn Corp. Companies can profit from our unique manufacturing expertise and advanced manufacturing and analytical technology. For more information, call our Sales Department at 914-664-5300.

Meeting or Exceeding Compliance with Stringent Industry Standards

We have the proven ability to meet military specifications established by U.S. government agencies, and we are capable of providing the purest precious metals for use in medical, computer and other high-tech applications.

Problem Solving

Our staff of industry experts and precious and base metal professionals collaborate with customers to overcome product performance challenges.

Product Enhancement & Testing

We are equipped to certify the specification criteria of the materials we provide, and are dedicated to constantly improving the performance of our products to continually meet our customers' ever increasing demands.

Quality Systems in Place

Research & Development

Ongoing development of new combinations of metals to meet the nontraditional requirements that are generated by new technology.